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DVD Transfers

Allied DVD Productions will professionally transfer your videotapes, photographs, or films, to high quality, long lasting DVD. Studies show that videotapes can begin to fade after only one play!

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Standard transfer services start at $24.95 per hour $10 for each additional hour. (minimum 1hr). We specialize in many custom packages that provide instant access to special scenes, with editing, voice-overs, music, photos and more!

No more fast forwarding or rewinding!

Save your fading photograph collection and let us create a DVD photo album. Imagine being able to watch your photos on TV!

We also transfer Beta Max Tapes to DVD and specialize in high quantity VHS transfers ( Call for special pricing) 10 VHS minimum for special pricing.


Archive DVD Transfer

archive-dvdOur DVD archive process will transfer your video to high quality, long lasting DVD.

Our professional transfer equipment will automatically create “chapter points” every 3 minutes. Just press the next or previous button on your remote and you can jump forward or back in 3 minute segments. This archive transfer process is perfect for less important video tapes or other documentation. And, it will last a lifetime. Comes with standard DVD label and DVD Case.

$24.95 per hour of video
(Some additional charges may apply due to total running time)





Home Movie DVD Transfer

home-movie-dvdOur Home Movie DVD offers you a variety of packaging themes and features for that professional looking DVD.

Using the same equipment that is used in Hollywood, we will take your most important videotapes and photographs and transfer them to DVD for generations to enjoy.

Our DVD experts will visually review each of your tapes and eliminate all blank spaces, and enhance the audio and video with sophisticated noise reduction and color enhancement tools.

Our technicians will create a “thumbnail” of up to 45 different scene changes on your video. This unique “Photo Indexing System” creates an interactive menu with all thumbnail scene changes. Just click your remote over one of the thumbnail photos and you will go right to that scene. Now you can enjoy re-living old memories on your TV in the comfort of your living room. Theme packages are available for Home Movies, Vacation/Travel, Sports, Graduation, etc.

The Home Movie Transfer Package comes with themed DVD label and box including run time and number of scenes. Customized packaging, restoration and enhancement are available for an additional charge.

The cost of the Home Movie Package is $69.95 per hour of video.
This includes a Custom cover with thumbnail pictures



Custom Event DVD Transfer

custom-event-dvdThe Event is one of our most popular products for conversion to DVD. Weddings, Special Events, Anniversaries are ideal for our totally customized package.

We incorporate all of the great features of the Home Movie DVD and have added Deluxe Themed Navigation.

Our technicians create navigational thumbnails that direct you to the most important scenes of your event. Ceremony, Vows, Reception, Cocktails, First Dance, Cake Cutting, etc. No more wasting time fast forwarding and rewinding. Just click the thumbnail and you are there. We can even showcase individual interviews, tables and dance scenes. (additional charge)

The Custom Event DVD Transfer Package includes a custom themed DVD box and label. Additional customizing services and enhancements are available.

1 hour - $99.95
2 hours - $149.95

Includes custom cover and DVD case



Photo Package Transfer

dvd-photo-packageWatch your photographs on TV! Get your most precious pictures out of the shoeboxes, closets, and drawers. Organize them on DVD and preserve them for a lifetime and share them with your friends and family. We create themed DVD Photo Albums using your selected photos. DVD Photo Albums are slide show presentations of your pictures, with themed background music. Each picture will remain on screen for 3-5 seconds, and you can pause at any time at a particular photo. Your photos will now last forever!

$49.95 first 50
$99.95 for 100
$1.00 ea additional

All photos will appear in a slide show format with a musical background that is themed and timed to your photo album. Packaged in themed DVD photo album box.



Digital Photo Album DVD Transfer

digital-photo-albumWe can transfer your digital photos on DVD or CD. Clean up your hard drive with all of those digital photos clogging valuable space. Bring us your camera’s memory card or a CD-ROM. Our Digital Photo Albums can also be themed and put to music.

Digital Photo Album Transfer starts at: $39.95
(depending on original content and format)

•Convert any of your digital photos to "easy to view" DVD
•Watch your photos on your TV as well as the computer
•Convert CD-ROM, Flash Card, Memory Stick.

(Some additional charges may apply due to total running time)



Film Transfer

Film TransferOur DVD experts will take your 8mm and Super 8mm film and transfer them to DVD using state of the art equipment and processes.


Your precious film will be handled with the utmost of care. All film is cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and remove accumulated dirt and debris. Each frame is captured separately to give you the best playback possible. Multiple reels will be combined and a full-motion
thumbnail index menu makes it a snap to find the scene you are looking for.

  • Our exclusive process eliminates the flicker that is common when film transfers are performed by videotaping the movie off of a movie screen. Our clients are amazed by the quality of their movies once they are converted to DVD… but don’t take our word for it see for yourself,

*If you’re not satisfied with the finished result… We’ll give you your money back!


$0.25 per foot, minimum order $40

*does not include editing or authoring

How do you determine the total amount of footage?

Use the table below to get a close estimate of the amount you have:

Reels Feet
3” Reels 50’ of film
5” Reels 200’ of film    
6” Reels 300’ of film
7” Reels 400’ of film

Example: 50’ X .25cents a foot = $12.50 per 3” reel.

*a half hour of film uses 10 – 12 songs, and 50 ‘ of film runs approximately 3 1/2 – 4 Minutes depending whether it’s  standard 8mm or Super 8mm.

Other Services we Provide are:

Transfer LP


Slide Scanning

Slide ScanningLet the digital revolution breathe new life to your 35mm slides.
Digitizing them using the latest in high-resolution scanning technology will preserve your important images for generations to come.

Slides are captured at 2000 dpi in either JPEG or TIFF formats which can be output to CD-ROM or turned into a basic slide show or custom photo montage on DVD.

Slide Scanning with output to CD-ROM: $1.75 per slide (25 slide minimum)

Slide Scanning with output to DVD as a slide show or custom photo montage (call for a quote)


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